IU’s Lilac Tops K-Pop Hot 100 Chart

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IU’s “Lilac” rules the Billboard K-Pop 100 chart, becoming the K-pop queen’s fifth leader on the list.

Upon the track’s rise to the top, IU dominates the chart with seven top 10s this week, breaking the last year’s record of five hits by BTS on the chart dated Feb. 29 and setting the new record high for the most simultaneous top 10s.

Pre-released on Jan. 27, “Celebrity” manages to hold its spot at No. 2 after staying atop for seven weeks. Other tracks including “Coin,” “Hi Spring Bye” and “Flu” are ranked at No. 4, 5 and 6 respectively, while “Troll” and “My Sea” are nested at No. 9 and 10.

The rest of the top 10 spots are filled by Brave Girls, BTS and Rose. Brave Girls’ “Rollin’” falls to No. 3 after leading the chart for the past two weeks, while BTS’s “Dynamite” takes No. 7 followed by Rose’s “On The Ground” at No. 8.

As IU adds six new top 10s this week, she has reached her career record of 14, surpassing BTS’ Suga’s record of ten for the most top 10 hits.

Her triumph does not stop here; “Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms” re-enters the chart, making it her 19th track on the list this week and breaking the record of the most simultaneous entries, which she held with 18 total tracks in the previous week.

The Billboard K-Pop 100 measures multi-metric consumption including streaming, digital sales, radio and television data to present the most popular K-Pop songs in South Korea every week.

From Publisher: Billboard

K-pop Songstress IU Dominates Music Charts with New, Old Songs

K-pop songstress IU has swept major music charts here with her latest album and past releases, landing more than 15 songs in the top 100 simultaneously.

The 28-year-old soloist placed 16 songs in the top 100 on the latest daily music charts by streaming services Melon and Genie Music, refreshed Saturday, including all 10 tracks of her new album “Lilac.”

“Lilac,” the main track of her new studio album also titled “Lilac,” topped both charts, followed by the pre-released “Celebrity” at No. 3. “Coin,” “Hi Spring Bye” and “Flu,” all from her fifth studio album, claimed top 10 spots on both charts as well.

“Hold My Hand,” the singer’s first self-written song released in 2011 , came in at No. 7 and No. 11 on the Melon and Genie Music charts, respectively.

The high-profile 2020 collaboration between the K-pop queen and BTS’ Suga, “Eight,” ranked No. 20 on the charts, almost one year after its release.

On the Melon chart, even her 2014 spring number “Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms” ranked at 89th place.

This photo, provided by EDAM Entertainment, shows a promotional image for the singer IU’s album “Lilac” released on March 25, 2021.

Pop culture experts say the dominance of a single musician’s past and present hits on music charts is notable, even compared to popular K-pop boy and girl groups’ success on music charts.

From Publisher: Be Korea-savvy

‘LILAC’ Review: A Whimsical Farewell to IU’s Roaring 20s

“LILAC” is well worth the four-year wait, as it speaks to the true breadth of IU’s musical ability. The album’s blend of sounds stems from the fact that IU created “LILAC” from the perspective of a producer, as opposed to that of a songwriter. As a surprising, yet welcome addition to her discography, IU worked with a variety of different producers — including WOOGIE, Sumin, Junny, and AMKU’s Lee Chan-hyuk — and swapped her usual light and airy style for an upbeat and retro-influenced one. The album creates a feeling of both weightlessness and playfulness and, while stylistically varied, stays true to IU’s typical sound.

With a perfect blend of rhythm, guitar, strings, and bright synth accents, the album’s disco- and city pop-inspired title track, “LILAC,” will surely evoke a sense of both nostalgia and optimism among listeners. Its groovy instrumentals and frolicsome chorus make the song feel almost like a spring breeze. City pop can often sound monotonous, but IU’s melodic vocals inject the track with energy and positivity. With lyrics such as “Take good care of our last moment in the page / Could this last goodbye be any more perfect?” and “Love me only ‘till this spring,” the singer bids farewell to the joyful memories of her youthful 20s that shine through the track’s pleasant and refreshing sound.

An IU album is incomplete without a tear-inducing ballad, and “My sea” fully embraces that role for a whopping five minutes and 16 seconds: a choice composer Jehwi made to represent IU’s birthday, May 16th. Once again, IU demonstrates incredible vocal ability by not only sustaining a technically demanding F5 note but also vocally painting an emotional journey of finding oneself in the midst of chaos like in the endless sea.

However, the album has its shortcomings. The pre-release track, “Celebrity,” is unfortunately oversaturated with basic Western electro-pop synths and awkward dance breaks that distract from IU’s unique musicality. “Ah puh,” however, achieves what “Celebrity” failed to do; the playful track incorporates dainty rhythms with an addictive melody as an adult take on her old style, providing listeners with a delightful and fresh departure from IU’s typical sound.

IU Occupies 16 Spots on MelOn’s Top 100 as Her Previous Songs Re-Enter and Rise on the Chart

On April 3, IU proved once again her “soloist power” as she remarkably secured a total of 16 positions on MelOn’s Top 100 daily chart with her previous songs, alongside her new tracks from her latest album “LILAC,” appeared on today’s rankings.

On April 3, Korean media outlets revealed that all 10 songs from IU’s new album ” LILAC ” have entered the MelOn Top 100 Daily Chart.

In particular, the album’s title tracks “LILAC” and “Coin” took the Nos. 1 and 4, respectively. The pre-release song “Celebrity” also appeared on the chart, claiming the No. 3 spot.

Some of the other songs from IU’s album to rank on this day’s MelOn Top 100 are “Hi Spring Bye” (No. 8), “Flu” (No. 9), “Troll” featuring DEAN (No. 9), and “My Sea” (No. 14).

Apart from IU’s new songs, her singles released in the past years also continue to appear on the Korean music chart. Her 2019 tracks “Blueming” and “Love Poem” claimed the Nos. 20 and 68,   respectively.

IU’s 2020 songs “Eight” and “Give You My Heart,” her OST for the Korean drama “Crash Landing on You,” are currently at Nos. 21 and 55, respectively.

Moreover, one of her previous songs rose to the top 10 of MelOn’s Top 100. IU’s “Hold My Hand,” which was launched back in 2011 as an original soundtrack for the K-drama “The Greatest Love,” has secured the tenth position on the chart.

On top of that, the song entitled “Not Spring, Love or Cherry Blossoms” by HIGH4 and IU has re-entered MelOn’s Top 100. This track was released back in 2014 and helped the boy band gain fame at that time.

“Not Spring, Love or Cherry Blossoms” is currently at No. 99. This single has been rising to the chart since February. Not to mention, it re-appeared on MelOn’s Top 200 on Feb. 22, jumping 65 spots from 260th place to 195th place.

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